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The Best Stock Picking and Swing Trading Service on the net with the most advanced Stock Picks System available!
Our stock picks are right 97% of the time! That's an incredible statistic. In fact... we know of no other stock picking system or swing trading service with so many stock picks gaining 100% to 1,000% in such a short time frame.
**Trading Note: Our alerts are blasting higher in this difficult market climate.

Worried about your Retirement Fund? Our Long-Term Portfolio garnered a 112% Return in 2013, a 35% return in 2012 and a 142% return in 2011... in very difficult markets. 2014 is looking awesome as well. Compare that to the average underperforming Mutual Fund that is losing money. We beat the pants off the overall averages. It is our belief that the average mutual fund is over-diversified... often in sectors that are fundamentally wrecked. We diversify in companies with great business fundamentals in the fastest growing sectors of our economy. Subscribers are notified prior to any additions to or substractions from the portfolio and before we notify the media. Why not see why subscribers are saying, "This is the best investment decision I've ever made."
Please take our or read on to see how this exceptional service can help you make better trades.

Experience and Instincts for Finding the Best Stock Trades
With a wealth of experience and acutely developed instincts, is a catalyst stock alert and swing trading service dedicated to alerting its subscribers with the potential to make incredible short and long-term gains. We exhaust every resource to find the catalyst that will move stocks 100, 500 and well over 1,000% higher! We believe our record is the best in the business and continue to prove it every single trading day... even in very tough market climates.

Simply put...
as stock pickers and traders, we have been developing our trading instincts for over 20 years and have been a leading stock picking service on the web, since 1998. As one of the first online stock picks and alert services, we know what works. With our proprietary system, we pick the market's biggest winners and send them to our subscribers with our high speed e-mail delivery system... and post them on our Subscriber-only password protected web page. Check out a small sample of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials that traders and investors just like yourself are sending to us regarding our stock picking service.

The Stock Alert Catalyst
We relish in the pursuit to uncover every single lead, rumor, and news story available... looking for the potential gem of a stock that is going to make our subscribing traders and investors money. We search for the type of catalyst that can allow stocks to surge higher in any type of market and we are known for our uncanny ability to do so.

There is Always a Bull Market Somewhere

You may be surprised to find that almost every single day there is a stock or sector blasting higher, no matter what the overall market is doing. We pride ourselves in our strength to find these stocks and sectors along with under-valued or under-appreciated growth stocks. We have the ability to find the top business news catalysts or business trends that will propel them higher. No stone is left unturned in our efforts to find great short-term trades and outstanding long-term investments. We work hard to get our subscribers in early on the greatest growth stocks of our time and stay focused on these core objectives.
"Hey guys, What city and state are you located in??? If I'm ever in the area I would like to stop by and shake someone's hand for all the money you have made me!! Keep up the good work!!" Schenco

"I am a subscriber to your service and an avid investor/trader. I love your service and have been on it for over a year. It is uncanny how your stock picks usually go up some of them well over 100%. I am very impressed." David T.

"Thanks for all your alerts. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up. I've got my broker to subscribe to you guys. Thanks again." K. Zolgharnain
We were very early to the party when it comes to the super growth stocks like Google, Apple, Amazon, BIDU, Qualcomm, eBay, Nike, Starbucks, and thousands of others. We like to call these stocks revolutionary. All have revolutionized the way we live, work, and spend our free time... and all have had a tremendous amount of stock-moving catalysts along the way. Often, we found these hot growth stocks and many more like them before they became common knowledge... and we quickly alerted our subscribers to the great opportunities that existed.

Outstanding Stock Trading and Swing Trading Service
With a track record professionals only dream about, we are confident you will be impressed with our stock alerts. Over a one year period our alerts are absolutely unbelievable, but what is even more impressive is how well our stock picks do in the short term... often doubling in price in a short time frame. Stock traders love our service!

We were so sure of our abilities since our introduction to the web in 1998... we were the first to offer a 30 Day Free Trial. We have always wanted investors and traders to see for themselves how our stock picking alert service may be the best investment decision they have ever made... and we challenge them to find a better one. Many services are as much as ten times as expensive and offer unacceptable results. We believe our commitment to excellence is second to none and that you can make a substantial amount of money as a subscriber. If you disagree, you can cancel at any time with no questions asked. It's as simple as that. Go ahead, put us to the test.
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