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"The Best Stock Picking System
in the World has been
Crushing it since 1998!"
Stock Picking

The Stock Picking Beginning

In early 1999 our founder mentioned two of his stocks picks (on two

separate occasions) with Maria Bartiromo (CNBC) in a daily segment

called, "Taking Stock". Despite being rated a hold or bombed by other

institutional fund manager guests on the show, within days and weeks

his stock picks soared higher. In fact, his 1st stock mentioned early in

the year was an old blue chip company called IBM. No wonder the fund

managers gave it a hold. However that didn't stop IBM from blasting

higher. It rose over 40 points in a few weeks and announced a stock



His 2nd stock mentioned later in the year was a little-known company 

from the travel sector called Preview Travel. A few weeks later on

March 7, 2000, Preview Travel, Inc. was acquired by

for a huge premium., the best kept secret in stock

trading and investing spread across message boards. Stock brokers,

day traders, investors, and investment newsletter owners flooded to

the website... and the rest is history. Today with our

founder, we continue to astound the investment industry with our

remarkable stock picking system.

Stock Rating System & Price Targets

Early on at Stock Picking we realized there were always a handful of stocks each month that collectively we all agreed were going higher... and sometimes lower. As a group of highly experienced stock pickers and traders, we recognized our combined sentiment was dead on accurate. So we implemented an internal test program giving each of our chosen stock picks a Short-term Price Target and a Bullishness Rating of 1 through 10 to hit that Target... with 10 being our highest possible bullish stance. As predicted, on average our stock picks we had given a 9-10 Rating hit our price target over 99% of the time. Even more impressive, our 10 Rated stock picks hit our price target 100% of the time!


Our Bullish Rating System uses the collective power of brilliant stock trading & stock picking minds in combination with our other tools and extensive resources. Our Rating System gives much more control over the Risk/Reward scenario. Not only does it allow traders/investors to make trades based on risk level, but it also helps them decide how much of their financial resources to commit to those trades. We believe this is an invaluable part of our service.

Catalyst Driven Stocks

With the belief that portfolio managers and most investors are often in wrecked sectors of our economy for the sake of diversity (sometimes in hundreds of stocks), focuses on what is working, what is trending, and most importantly what is changing our lives. This works not only for Day Trading and Swing Trading, but Long-Term Portfolios as well. Now over two decades later, those same philosophies have proven to be the most successful in any type of market. Even after large market corrections, these same stocks are the first to recover. Our Long-term Stock-Picking Portfolio has the most consistent and highest annual returns we have ever seen. While most mutual funds are losing money or barely beating the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, our portfolio is consistently topping 100-200% returns.


Kevin Evans, Founder/CEO

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