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What the Stock Picking subscribers are saying?


*Here is a small sampling of the hundreds of testimonial e-mails we receive from our Stock Picking subscribers.


"Thank you, I went back over the past three months and could not find a trade that I could not have taken and made money from!" Tim.


"This is a fantastic service! Thank you for your great trading advice!! Debbie H.


"Dear Sirs...First let me thank you for the recent picks that have been successful. I have noticed in the last couple of months that I have been with your service that you seem to, with due diligence I might add, anticipate successfully some catalyst which is coming in the stocks to help move the price of the issue up..." Frances E.


"I just wanted to tell you "you guys are good". I am so happy I signed on with you. I think you have a great system...Thank you for all your advice." P. Kelleher

"Thanks a bunch, you guys have helped me tremendously in recovering some serious losses sustained recently. With any luck and more great "alerts" from you, I should be in the black in the near future. Thanks for doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" W. Alvarez

“Just want to let you guys know that your stock picking is incredible! I am not sure how you do it, but every pick you have sent has been a winner and a huge winner. I do mostly swing trading and do stocks under $10. Anyway, just wanted to say a huge thank you.” M. Kroutilin

"Yes, Yes, Yes...Keep up the good work. I love hearing "You Have Mail" on my IPS. You are doing a good job." Thank You! J.D. Heineman

"Thanks for all your alerts. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up. I've got my broker to subscribe to you guys. Thanks again." K. Zolgharnain

"Hello! Thank you for your outstanding service and alerts...Many thanks." L. Vazquez

"Man, you guys are great! I've never been alerted to overbought conditions by any other service,...I wish I'd found you guys a lot sooner, cause you're helping me establish some discipline in my trades." Molly

"Trying the stock picking service is the best move I have made since I started investing, you are very good at picking winners. I have recommended you to all my friends. Keep up the good work!" BOCA

"Just a quick tip of the hat and a big Thank You for a job well done. You do your work well and it shows." Trevor                     

"You guys have helped me a lot these past 2 months. I was down last year (and heading farther down) and you guys have gotten me out of the hole. Thanks." Dan C.

"I want to congratulate you guys on an excellent year. I was paying megabucks for another stock service that was giving me week (weak) old information. You guys are on it. Thanks for the fat portfolio." Mark M.

"Hi, Thank you for your stock-picking alerts. I'm a newbie and have studied intensely for 4 months. After tracking, observing, and finally trading, I am SO glad to see that you're sending me alerts already on my watch list. From here I can cut back on the huge amount of time I spend on researching and focus on the ready to move up! Thank you for saving me so much time, and therefor money! Also, I am requesting your permission to forward 1 (one) of your alerts to a friend of mine so she can see it. I'll pick an older one. We're both really busy and it would save time for her if she doesn't have to spend time on your site, for now - I can sell her with one e-mail. She works for a financial planner and he really needs your site, too. Thank you and I look forward to your response." Sincerely, M. Jordan

"Hey guys, What city and state are you located in??? If I'm ever in the area I would like to stop by and shake someone's hand at StockPicking.com for all the money you have made me!! Keep up the good work!!" Schenco

"I have really enjoyed your service!...Thanks again for such great picks!"" Sandy B.


"Hi - Many thanks for all those excellent timely stock tips. Thank you, again." S. Kim

"I would like to say that your alert service has made me some good profits, since I started using it last year." George M.


"Thank you for this wonderful stock picking service." Regards, Tom


"Good morning! I am writing to let you know how happy I am with your services. The only time I've been let down is when I haven't paid attention to your stock picking forecasts. When I didn't pay attention ... the stocks went up and I lost out. When I did pay attention ... the stocks went up and I've consistently benefited. Your services are definitely worth the monthly fee. Guess you can say -- I'm paying attention! Thanks to the team at Stock Picking.com for your hard work in researching stocks that can only help my portfolio!" MJ                                                      

"I wanted to thank you guys for the "stock-picking alert". I am new at investing and I am buying options. I decided to enroll and this "alert" alone paid for the next couple of years for you guys. You have made me 252% to date! Thanks." J.Pryor


"What follows is a paper traded portfolio of every single stock you recommended, since I began my subscription to your service. As you can see, the performance is excellent." G. Griffing

"I just registered for an "Annual" Stock-picking subscription this morning. I did this because, I have already much more than paid for the cost of the annual subscription with my profits - and I am only trading with about $15,000. Needlessly to say, I have been extremely pleased with your stock picking service!" Randall S.

"Your Stock Picks Service is outstanding and overwhelming." Thanks J. Horn


"As a new member, you guys are on the ball, made great money with most of your selections after only 2 weeks of service. Hats off to the team:))"


"Thanks - Made a ton of money from the Stock picking service before the close."

A. Smith