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M. Kroutilin

How We Do It

In 1998 our founder with incredible stock picking instincts and experience created StockPicking.com after coaching countless individuals on how to become a successful stock trader and/or investor. After going live with one of the very first online stock services, he went on to develop a highly-advanced stock-picking system using proprietary search algorithms and the combined experience of the very best day traders and long term investors. Using this amazing system, experience, and highly developed instincts, at StockPicking.com we find the best stock picks in the industry for Short Term Trades and for creating Long Term wealth. Our subscribers get advance notice before the media and can capitalize on this highly advanced system. Subscribers receive our Short-term Price Target as well, which is hit with staggering accuracy.

If you've ever kicked yourself for not getting in early on the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix, and Facebook even though you and everyone you know is using their service, then maybe you need that extra little push and coaching to take advantage of the greatest growth stocks of our time. Often we are amazed at how few people recognized these opportunities and thousands more right before their very eyes. We were pounding the table on them often before they were being recognized by Wall Street. When Apple was down and out and near bankruptcy, we were backing up the truck when Steve Jobs took over the reigns once again. That has been the largest stock gain in history. All along the way we have coached our subscribers to keep adding to their portfolios every month with whatever discretionary money they could afford. That's how fortunes are made... and anyone is capable, no matter what their income, of achieving financial greatness. If you are looking to take advantage of big short-term swing trades or build a massive nest egg, look no further. This is what we are all about at StockPicking.com.

Our service described above uses our advanced proprietary system to find what we like to call the "No Brainers". Those are the companies our search algorithms and traders find that have accelerating revenues & earnings, revolutionary new products, and/or dynamic business strategies that change industries. We don't just alert stocks for the sake of keeping our subscribers happy with daily ideas. That might get you a 50/50 shot at getting it right. That's not investing or trading, that's gambling. We don't like to gamble. We like to win... and win big!


Simply put, we are laser-focused on finding companies with incredible growth and market/business potential... the ones revolutionizing the way we work, live, and play. At this very moment and in days to come there are stocks that every investor should have in their portfolio or be trading. We will find them and we will be there early.

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Our amazing Stock Picking service is here to provide you with the stocks that are going higher... and most often, a lot higher. Let us help you make better trades or build a fat retirement portfolio. If you would like to become a subscriber with us, just click the the button below or at the top of this page. 

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FitBit Doubles a few days after StockPicking.com alert!


October 31, 2019 - Sarasota, FL - We alerted Fitbit, Inc. (FIT) on October 10, 2019 at $3.69 a share stating we believed the company would be acquired. Sure enough Google just announced it would be acquiring Fitbit for $7.35 a share! When asked how we anticipated 3 weeks ahead of Google's announcement that it would be acquiring Fitbit, founder Kevin Evans stated, "Actually I'm kind of shocked no one else seemed to pick up on the inevitable, but I believed Amazon would likely be the best candidate to purchase Fitbit. Fitbit came out with a new watch that had Alexa built in and that was a game-changer in my eyes. I told our subscribers in our newsletter there were all kinds of possibilities for Amazon and this device, like alerting Prime deliveries, sending coupons for Whole Foods, and using Amazon Pay at checkout. Of course the stock was trading in the mid $3's at the time, making it very attractive as well. I guess Google saw the same possibilities that I saw. Combined with their Nest product and Google Pay, just think what Google might do with Fitbit."